Elizabeth's Testimonials

Elizabeth Tucker's Testimonials
Alain Pinel
Los Gatos Office

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“Elizabeth’s real estate expertise and positive personality were a winning combination for our buying and selling experience.  Elizabeth constantly made herself available and took the time to answer all our questions.  Elizabeth was set with the difficult task of helping us purchase a new home contingent on the sale of our current home.  She put together a great plan and even multiple backup plans that ensured a positive outcome.   Elizabeth is dedicated to the business and even more so to her clients.  If you are looking for a passionate, confident and knowledgeable professional, then Elizabeth is your “Go To” Realtor!  Thank you Elizabeth for helping us find our dream home and propelling us into the next chapter of our lives!”

~ Home Sellers, Home Buyers, 2018

~> my Alain Pinel Broker, VP/Regional Manager/Manager of Los Gatos Office Jeff Barnett’s response to my latest testimonial :

That is great Elizabeth, We know you are a great agent and your clients do also. Great job, Jb, Aug 28, 2018

"We met Elizabeth during one of her open houses and we instantly grew fond of her as a person, as well as her valuable guidance and suggestions on how to select our home. We instantly knew she would be able to get us what we desired for our home to be. That said, as a realtor, Elizabeth has always been there with us, looking at all the homes with us, giving us all the minute details we overlooked, checking the reports and giving us a real picture of what it is. She has kept us focussed on getting a home, and took care of making appointments even on short notice for personal viewings with our busy schedules. Her communication has been very thorough, clear and timely. We trust her with everything and it is extremely important to trust your realtor with all the important decisions. We are truly blessed to have her as our realtor. She is an extremely smart professional real estate agent, Kudos to her !!
We are extremely pleased with the whole process, it could have been very grueling, but working with Elizabeth and her team, it was very easy to follow along with our busy schedules.  With every home we selected as a potential home, Elizabeth has given us all the details and reports about the home, and at the same time protected us against taking wrong decisions.  Elizabeth is our Realtor for life. :)    
~ Home Buyers, 2017

Dear Jeff Barnett, Alain Pinel, VP/Regional Manager/Manager, Los Gatos Office

I just wanted to send you a note about the agent in your office, Elizabeth Tucker with whom I cooperated to sell a home recently in San Jose. We had an extremely tight timeline to put into contract and then a very long timeline to close it with a long but critically important Seller contingency. Trust between the agents and principals was a critical component to see that we succeeded in achieving our clients' real estate goals.

Elizabeth and I did not know each other until her clients expressed interest in my listing.   The Seller contingency was non-negotiable. This is a pretty tall task for a Buyers' agent in Silicon Valley!  You guys can be wound tight!  She even stepped in a lent a hand dealing with the agent on the third leg who was less cooperative to put it mildly.

I feel that Elizabeth did what was necessary to reach her clients' desired outcome and in exchange, they got a fantastic piece of real estate in impeccable condition for a fair price without having to get into a bidding war or lose out in heated competition.  It is not always about price.  It can be equally or more so about terms and people.  At the end of the day, this transaction was on-time, compliant and smooth and everyone got what they wanted - truly a definition of success.  I would welcome the opportunity to cooperate with Elizabeth again and would recommend other agents give serious consideration to cooperating with Elizabeth and her team.  I now can call her a friend.  I wish nothing but abounding love and happiness for her and her happy new home owners.

Warm regards,

Real Estate Broker
Martinez, CA


Thank you so much for the great letter. Yes, Elizabeth is special and we are very proud of her. She seems to thrive in these complicated situations. I'm glad everything worked out for everybody.

Again thanks,

“Elizabeth walked us step-by-step through the home buying process so we felt very well taken care of. During our dealings an opportunity arose in our desired area unexpectedly, Elizabeth was able to secure our wonderful new home. Buying a home is such a deep personal experience, Elizabeth took great care to understand our needs and desires; I couldn’t be happier and more at ease with Elizabeth’s guidance with what would normally be a very stressful transaction.”
~Home buyers, 2017

“From the moment we met Elizabeth during a casual visit to an Open House we knew we’d found the right Realtor.  From the very beginning she opened our eyes to so many details about the homes we were looking at, using her depth of experience to highlight items we would otherwise have missed through our inexperience. 
We were considering a move from big city to smaller town within Silicon Valley. We had not moved in many years. Elizabeth shared with us how to evaluate potential homes with an eye for value, hidden risk, and potential, and educated us on the types of maintenance requirements and long term issues we might expect to see with the types of properties we were looking at. 
Elizabeth was always thoroughly prepared.  Each time we considered making an offer she read through every report ahead of time then read through again with us, explaining each item.  She brought up concerns about potential difficulties in the transaction, helped read between the lines with each situation, and protected us from making mistakes.
Several deals got very complicated, but Elizabeth was able to help us navigate through each, always with detailed and timely communication, helping set expectations and prepare us for what might happen.
Elizabeth was able to read the market and guide us through a fantastic deal on a gorgeous home that was originally way above our price point.  She did her homework and negotiated a final sale price that was actually below market!  We got into the home of our dreams at an unbelievable price thanks to Elizabeth!  Each day we come home we pinch ourselves at our good Fortune!
In preparation for selling our home Elizabeth walked the property and provided an honest, professional evaluation that helped us decide how much and what sort of prep we should do to get our best possible price.  She pulled from her team of capable contractors and service providers, negotiated prices, met inspectors and contractors, and made the process as easy as possible for us.  She provided fabulous Staging and exquisite professional Photography to market our home to its fullest potential. 

The purchase of our new home was contingent upon the sale of our existing home, so timing was critical.  Elizabeth guided us on pricing our house in the current marketplace to attract more buyers, and she read the market well as this brought in a high volume of interested buyers that competed for our home, negotiating a professional transaction that ultimately made us and a wonderful young family very happy.

Two weeks before our new home was to close, water got into the home and severely damaged the hardwood flooring.  Elizabeth took control and had contractors and inspectors out on site as soon as she heard.  Elizabeth handled everything, the floors were repaired and we closed on time.  She earned every cent of her Commission!
Elizabeth did not stop working for us when papers were signed and the property Closed.  We moved into our new home during a big rainstorm, and the roof leaked the very first night, which was the Friday night of a holiday weekend.  We immediately called Elizabeth, and she had a crew on site at 7:00am the next day.  The leak was fixed under warranty and didn’t cost us a dime!  Without Elizabeth we would not have known what to do or who to call, but she took care of everything.
On the third day in our new home a big rainstorm caused a large Redwood tree to fall over onto  a fence and into our new neighbors yard, with a second Redwood leaning right toward our house.  Elizabeth got to work right away setting up contractors!  The next morning she met contractors, negotiated prices, and the leaning tree was removed the same day before the next storm hit.  Even though her work as a Real Estate Agent was complete, Elizabeth never stopped working for us.  She took care of everything, using her experience in the industry and her relationships with reputable contractors to get the work done quickly and at a great price. 

I don’t know what we would have done without her!  Elizabeth is a true Professional and we highly recommend her!
~Home Sellers/Buyers, 2017

I have been a Realtor for 19 years in Silicon Valley and have had the opportunity to work with many professionals in my field.  I was thoroughly impressed with how Elizabeth Tucker represented her sellers but also how well she represented the profession. Truly a caring and kind person who made our transaction a pleasant experience for both parties.  I would always look forward to working with Elizabeth in the future.”
~Ruth Mistry, Coldwell Banker , 2017

Elizabeth was instrumental in two real estate transactions for me this year. She is extremely client focused and has a very professional, flexible and capable team. "
~Home buyer & seller, 2015

I appreciated Elizabeth's knowledge of the Almaden Valley area where we were interested in buying a home. Great schools and great value was really important to us. What I mean by great value was the money we would need to spend to get the house in the area we wanted. Often times, people may have a price range and the type of house/neighborhood they would have in mind. Elizabeth helped us understand what kind of house we could get for what price range and help us close the mental gap in setting the right expectations as we viewed houses.

Besides sharing very relevant information about neighborhoods in the Amaden Valley, I most appreciated Elizabeth for talking us through the aspects of the buying experience: making an offer in a competitive seller environment, what sellers and agents will consider in the offers, how quickly we will know, and moving on to the next opportunity if it doesn't work out. Although this was not our first home buying experience, it had been years since we had gone through it and definitely in a different market condition. So, it was extremely helpful for her to explain the process to us.

Elizabeth listened and remembered what each of us "husband" and "wife" individually and as a family unit wanted. Although we were buying a house for our family, Elizabeth understood we may place different importance/weight on some items. She did an excellent job pointing out aspects and considerations we had told her before as well as those we did not think of. This really helped us in our decision making. She reminded me that I probably would not find a house I was 100% sure of ... but we had to get to 90% ... and the remaining 10% would come after one really lives in the house and see it as our home. I think that is great advice for any home buyer. Elizabeth was very thorough in her answers to the conditions of the home. Where she did not know, she would find out. She also ensured we understood that in some areas, she was not the expert and was drawing from her Realtor experience.

Elizabeth takes the time to listen to what we wanted, almost absorbing more information to refine our seaches as we viewed more. I think a great strength of  Elizabeth was to understand what her clients wanted, why they wanted it, how much they wanted it ... all of which which she used to help guide us in the decision making process. 

We were able to get a very nice house in a good neighborhood with good schools and for the price that would not overstress our financials. We very much appreciate Elizabeth's help and support and it did not end with us signing on the dotted line to close on the house. She went "above and beyond" and genuinely wanted to help us do what we wanted once we moved into our house.  Her "over and beyond" service is one of the main reasons why I would recommend her as a Realtor. This indeed was excellent and genuine service! So far, we are enjoying our new home. We have already shared with our family and friends our great experience with Elizabeth as our Realtor! I also have already shared Elizabeth contact information with my friend who was looking for a house but was weary of the seller market. I am sure Elizabeth would provide the great service she provided us.

Thank you again for your great service Elizabeth. We really appreciated your "above and beyond" service. If in the future, we are in need of a Realtor whether for buying or selling house, we will be sure to contact you first!"
~ Home Buyer, 2015

We had started to work with a family friend as our agent.  Sure he gives us a portion of his commission, but we needed more..  We discovered Elizabeth while we were touring one of the homes that she was selling.  We decided then that even if we decided not to buy that house, we would ask her to be our Realtor.  Elizabeth was nice, genuine and made us feel welcome.  After meeting her, we decided to ditch our family-friend realtor.    With Elizabeth, we learned about legal aspects of buying a new home.  She explained all the disclosure documents that we had to review. One thing great is that she takes time reviewing the disclosure documents and goes over the more critical items.
We were torn between two homes when we made an offer for our new house.  One was in a newer community but it was $150,000 more expensive but for a smaller home.  After talking more to Elizabeth, we decided on the bigger, less expensive house.  Both houses were great, and we wouldn't go wrong with either purchases.  Elizabeth took the time to talk to the neighbors and seller's agent about the home and surrounding neighborhood.
Elizabeth effectively guided us in making sense of asking prices on various homes which gave us a perspective on what we should offer for our home, and based on the housing market today and the house we purchased, she got us the home we wanted!   
With our work schedules, travel, and related logistic issues, she provided the right tool to sign electronically which was extremely useful for us!  Elizabeth is very detailed-oriented and always made sure that all the "I's" are dotted and the "T's" are crossed.     
We really appreciated Elizabeth during the transaction and after the sale of the house. During the transaction, we stumbled a bit due to a lender requisite.  Elizabeth was able to help sort it out will the seller agent and lender.  After the sale of the home, we appreciated her team of contractors that prepared the house for our move-in date.    Elizabeth was there at all times.  We were in constant communication before, during and after the sale of the home.    Elizabeth, we can't thank you enough for your work! I mentioned before that buying a house is a business transaction and you need to have the right people in your team, which is why I would recommend you to my family and friends.  We've already referred you to a friend and my sister.
~ Home buyer, 2015

We had been casually house hunting for about a year.  We had talked to a few Realtors.  All of them told us that in this market you have to sell your house - move out - and then be ready to pounce with as close to an all cash offer as possible.  And often offering 30% + over asking.  We didn't want to do that.  We didn't want to move twice.  We didn't want that kind of upheaval to our young family.  We wanted to find a house, make an offer, get it accepted, and then commit to selling our house.  We really believed that it would be no problem to sell our house quickly - but we couldn't find a Realtor who would agree to help us "do it our way". Elizabeth Tucker did.  Elizabeth told us we could do contingent and get what we wanted.  Not only that - Elizabeth told stories of how she had just done it twice before us.  Successfully.  So I went with my gut.  I had a woman who was passionate, energetic, and willing to help us try to get exactly what we wanted.  What was the worst thing that could happen?  We wouldn't get what we want.  But at least we would still have our house, and our kids would have stability through the process.

Elizabeth took the time to get to know what we were looking for.  After many house tours together, and two rejected offers, one night Elizabeth called me at work and said, "I have a good feeling about this one.  Any chance you two can come see it tonight?"  I went, and sure enough, it was the house of our dreams.

Elizabeth really focused on making the whole process as easy as possible for us.  With two little boys and both Steve and I working crazy paced tech jobs, we really didn't know how we would get everything done.  From staging our house, to signing paperwork, agent meetings, and moving support you were always there. Elizabeth brought in a team of professionals to help get our house cleaned and staged and on the market in just one day.  Elizabeth always met with us on our schedules which usually meant late evenings after work and after the boys were in bed.  She did much of the communications via email and text which we really appreciated since we are both engineers and tied to our phones, it was so easy to just drop her a text or email in the middle of the rest of our work and still be in touch without having to take time out for a phone call.

Elizabeth guided us with pricing on both sides of the deal.  In the purchase price, she helped us put in a reasonable offer, but one that was still under asking and within what we could afford.  She worked with the sellers agent to understand exactly what it would take to get the deal done and make both clients happy.  She then helped us achieve what we wanted in selling price of our home, AND still get the house of our dreams!

We LOVE our home.  We were working in the yard yesterday, the boys riding bikes and just running around and we both remarked how happy we are that we made this move.   Thank you Elizabeth Tucker for making all of this possible for us!!!!
~ Home Sellers/Buyers, 2014

Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful and professional job that you did in representing me in the sale of my home. You made it a wonderful experience and your enthusiasm and professionalism was over the top. You sold my home in two days for more then my asking price! It just doesn't get any better then that! Please use my name and phone number for your references as I will be more then happy to speak with any of your future clients. Again, thanks so much and what a great experience it was to work with you.
- Home Seller, 2014

Buying a house can be a confusing, even chaotic, time for a family. Working with a professional realtor like Elizabeth was a part of the process, but her energy and enthusiasm helped us.  From start to finish, everything worked out so well selling our home and buying our dream home within a few weeks time! We are very pleased with our beautiful new home that she helped us find and purchase.
- Home Buyer, 2014

Elizabeth did a fantastic job on the sale of my condo. The sale had complications as it involved first time home buyers, unfamiliar with the purchase process and dealing with HOAs. Elizabeth got my property listed and sold in 2 days with multiple offers!  Elizabeth was also instrumental in the purchase of my new home. She kept both deals on track, allowing us to close on both properties in the same week. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is looking for a professional, knowledgeable, experienced agent with great resources and contacts.
- Condo Seller & Home Buyer, 2014

As First-time Homebuyers, the process was obviously very scary for us, but with Elizabeth's help, we felt very confident that she was going to take care of us and work in our best interest. Liz was so excited for us to get the home of our dreams, she went above and beyond for us, and I cannot thank her enough! I would not hesitate one bit to recommend her to our friends! We had an awesome experience and we could not be happier! There was nothing she could have done to make our sale more enjoyable or convenient, Elizabeth was fantastic! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for everything!
 - Home buyer, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Elizabeth Tucker must be your Realtor:
10) - Enthusiasm - From the second we met Elizabeth, we knew she was the right Realtor for us.  She is outgoing, energetic and ready to do what it takes to get the job done.

  9) - Resources - Whether it's carpet, paint or interior design, Elizabeth has great resources ready to help you personalize your new home.
  8) - Relationships - Elizabeth's outgoing and professional demeanor allows her to build strong and long lasting working relationships.

  7) - Action - from the moment we called Elizabeth, she took care of us staying focused on the goal.  She is very methodical and plows through the process to get things done quickly.

  6) - Thorough Communication - Elizabeth will keep you updated from beginning to end and you won't have to call her asking for a status.

  5) - Follow-through - When Elizabeth says she'll do something, you can guarantee it will be done without further prompting.

  4) - Listens - It was important for us to have a Realtor that listened well and didn't try to push us into a home that's not our style.  From the very beginning, Elizabeth listened and provided exactly what we wanted.

  3) - Negotiation - Some people have it, some don't.  Elizabeth did a great job negotiating on our behalf several times with positive outcomes each time.

  2) - Tenacious - Our transaction was far from easy based on builder issues.  Elizabeth really stepped up to look after our best interest throughout the process.

  1) - Detail oriented.  Elizabeth uncovered several errors during the process that would have cost us several thousand dollars extra.  Thanks for being so detail oriented and helping us get an incredible price on our condo.
-Luxury Condo Buyer, 2013

Elizabeth was a great agent to work with on my complex, time-sensitive transaction.  In today's environment, it's hard to find an agent who listens, understands, and works with you to make your dreams come true.  Elizabeth worked really hard, stayed focused and got the deal done on both sides, selling my home within a matter of days and at the price I needed, and managing the buyer-agent process.  She was not afraid to dive in, was in frequent communication, and was extremely persistent to help me realize my dream of buying a home in Los Gatos.
-Home Seller & Home Buyer, 2013

Elizabeth is a pleasure to work with.  She's very knowledgeable about the market, very high energy, very organized, communicates well, and very helpful in avoiding pitfalls.  We were both selling our house and buying a new one, which made the whole process that much more complicated.  She did an amazing job communicating all the details and then guiding us through the process.  I can't think of anything else she could have done differently. Very happy with how everything turned out. She had a good appreciation for what an emotional process this was for us, and did a great job of helping us through it.  Very solid agent all around.

-Home Seller & Home Buyer, 2013

Elizabeth Tucker handled the sale of my property in 2012. I am totally enthusiastic about everything she did. She was of immeasurable help (far more than "help" since she handled everything) with every aspect of the sale. Her advice concerning pricing, how much should be done to the house before the sale, and how to best present the house was clearly the best possible. She arranged an Open House the first possible weekend after the house was cleared out and managed to get several offers almost immediately. With her taking care of everything, it wasn't necessary for me to do a thing except help with a few decisions such as which offer to accept, etc. This, for me, was essential since at my age and with the obligations I had I was just not in a position to do much of anything. I feel that I can give her the highest recommendation!
-Home Seller, 2012

Most buyers today can do a lot of research themselves, so while certain specific knowledge definitely helps, the most important thing for me (like in any other business) is to work with one who has the determination to get things done, you do and as a result we got the right house for us.
When we first met, you struck me as someone who would do whatever it takes to help us get the right house for us which was exactly what I was looking for..
You did a great job pointing out that there were issues to consider about each house, you were very frank and honest and we really appreciated that.
You provided guidance to make sense of the asking prices of various homes we saw, and you did a great job helping us make the right offer.
You were a go-getter and very responsive, I can reach you anytime and you are always there to answer our questions and ease our concerns. You take care of the details and we will definitely refer you to our family and friends.
-Home Buyer, 2012

Elizabeth is a rare find. She provided us with the exact results we look for. She brought the right blend of negotiation skills, area knowledge and is results-oriented approach necessary to cement the deal. She kept us informed and finessed obstacles on our behalf to meet our schedules, and even provided an online calendar for us to track our progress. Upon taking possession Elizabeth provided us with great and reliable resources including painter, flooring, housecleaner and movers! Elizabeth was overall a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to my colleagues, friends and you who are considering buying and selling in Silicon Valley.
-Home Buyer, 2011

Dear Liz,

Larry and I want to express our deepest appreciation for the professionalism and drive you have had in not only getting our house sold but in the purchase of our new home.  We could not have been this successful without your continued commitment , support and willingness to go the extra mile.  

Your knowledge of the market and electronic expertise has not only contributed to such a vast array of networking but also provided a well balanced platform for the many people we anticipate referring to you.  You are certainly second to none and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Liz, Thanks for everything!
-Home Seller & Buyer, 2011

On the buying side, because of our prior friendship, searching for places with you was enjoyable and informative. This is not something that comes with every professional interaction. We toured places together in my select area that I thought I might like only to discover I would have to spend alot more. To keep me on budget, you expanded my search area where I eventually found a larger, newer home that cost me far under my original budget and saving me quite a bit of money! You were extra cautious with me in sharing not only the upsides but the downsides of my choice as well, ensuring I made the best decision for myself. During our property search, you helped me eliminate neighborhoods which avoided wasting a lot of time. You guided me in the buying and selling process, often finding creative ways to provide a better answer and deeper information since I had not bought a property since the 90s.  On the selling side, your professional team provided timely resources to clear, clean, making critical repairs and improvements so I could recover the best price. You then did a great job marketing my property, and within days we got the best possible price!  Thank you for all your hard work, Elizabeth!
-Home Buyer & Seller,  2011

Elizabeth, We accomplished a tremendous goal of finding our new investment property purchase and getting closed fast! ..I just want to thank you and Sue for the hustle and dedication you showed to get this done!
-Investor, Home Buyer & Home Seller, 2011, 2013

“Elizabeth did a great job helping me purchase my home. She is a very positive person and has a can do attitude which made buying a home easy. She goes above and beyond what is expected to deliver a great home buying experience. She is very detail oriented and did a great job tenaciously following up on outstanding issues during my home search. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!”
-Home Buyer, 2008

I am a licensed Realtor from New Hampshire.  I recently re-located to California with my family.  I needed to find a Realtor to facilitate a purchase here in California.  I wanted to find someone I could work with, as a professional colleague as well as someone who was well versed in the state laws of California.  After a few misses, I found someone with the qualifications I needed, Elizabeth Tucker.
I was impressed with Elizabeth’s knowledge of the local market.  Her information proved valuable as we toured local homes.  Having an agent with good negotiating skills is key to a successful transaction.  I believe that it’s not clients who put together deals, but good agents who have the skill to bring two groups together.  Elizabeth did this, and she did it well.
Elizabeth’s team of professionals made our transaction seamless.  As a professional Realtor, I give Elizabeth Tucker my recommendation.  You can expect to receive professional service, market knowledge, patience, confidentiality, and she’s fun too!  We are now very happy in our new home, and feel confident that we made a solid financial choice based on the information we received.  Thank you Elizabeth!
-Home Buyer, 2009

Dear Mrs. Tucker, I'd like to let your "soon-to-be-clients" know of how you worked so very hard for 6 months to sell my house, in a tough real-estate market AND a divorce situation. Crazy! You mass marketed our home, kept in good communication with both my wife and I from start to finish, guided us thru the process and paperwork, made the crazy situation bearable, AND got us in contract and sold by end of year at the softest time of the market! Thank you! YOU are an amazing realtor and a wonderful person!  And, please note this, I appreciate all the "above and beyond" extras that made me say, "There is NO ONE else I'd rather deal with for buying or selling my home! Period!" Thank you Elizabeth! Very sincerely, L.E
~ Home Seller, 2009

“I have had the pleasure to work with Elizabeth and she has been just remarkable and an absolute gem. Elizabeth has a great way of making people comfortable and has always demonstrated patience in understanding and addressing the needs of her customers. Elizabeth has always listened carefully and always offered her advice to ensure we are taking all things into consideration. She has made buying property a very exciting and fun experience and most important of all Elizabeth has always demonstrated the highest level of integrity and respect. A fantastic person!”
- Home Buyer, 2008

"Boy, do I like your agent. She is very thorough and very much “on top of things”! I don’t know if she is new to real estate – or is an experienced agent. Whichever she is – she’s good. She gives you great feedback and great advice. Feel free to tell her how much I admire the way she’s handling your listing!"
-Home Sellers, close relative & 20+ year Realtor, 2009

"I really appreciate your time, your energy and enthusiasm in helping us."
-Home Buyer, 2009

"With Elizabeth focused on my home search, I knew I was in capable hands. She is a person of action and integrity, armed with market knowledge and a team of experts she exceeded my criteria.  I highly recommend her to my family and friends, as well as my new neighbors."
-Home Buyer, 2009

Good morning, Elizabeth,
I just wanted to say thank you very much for your hard work and patience. You were very helpful and informative in our search for our new home. Please stay in touch!
-Home Buyer, 2010

"This is an awesome explanation, thank you! I love having you as our realtor - you rock!!!!!!!"
-Home Seller, 2009

I want to thank you for your professionalism.
If everyone did their job the way you do, the business would be more fun and without so much stress.
Thank you again!

-Intero Agent/Listing Agent~ I brought Buyer, 2011

Elizabeth Tucker, Realtor, GRI, CNE, IMSD, Silicon Valley Alain Pinel Los Gatos BRE# 01816975 (408)421-8610 etucker@apr.com